We want to ensure that our guests stay with us is a happy, pleasant one and recognise that our cats all love their routines including a familiarity with their own diets.

Should your cat have any special dietary requirements or their usual food (or suitable alternative) is not on our standard menu then please discuss this with us in order that your needs are met.

Prescription diets have to be supplied by the cats’ owner.

** All food and drinks will be served on porcelain dishes **

Standard Menu

(A range of proprietary wet and dry food)

We have on offer the following:

Wet food:

  • Whiskas (Kitten & Senior)

  • Felix (Kitten & Senior)

  • Sheba

  • Purina Gourmet

  • Gourmet Gold/ Mon Petits

  • Kitten - Whiskas, Go Cat & Felix

Dry food:

  • Royal Canin - Various

  • IAM's

  • Purina

  • Whiskas

  • Go Cat

  • Purina - Various

We give our guests a little treat from the following selection with their meals and occasionally during the day to help your cat feel at home.

  • Dreamies

  • Catnip treats

  • Applaws Natural


  • Spring water

  • Cat milk


Gourmet Menu

We pride ourselves on the quality of our cat care and also offer a range of delicious gourmet food to meet your cats taste or as an occasional treat during their stay with us.

Gourmet Menu (£3.00 per dish)

  • Sunday Roast – roast fillet of chicken with peas and carrots

  • Poached chicken – ideal for the weight conscious kitty!

  • Fillet of poached Salmon

  • Juicy pan-seared king prawns

  • Fresh atlantic small prawns

  • Delicious flaked tuna in spring water

  • Seafood platter for that extra special treat (£5.00 per dish) – juicy prawns, poached salmon and flaked tuna.


Suppertime treat (£2.00 per serving)

  • Warm milk served with your choice of Dreamies or treat sticks.

Bon appétit 

"Time spent with cats is never wasted" - Sigmund Freud