Our Garden


Our Suites


Our Happy Cats


A few little thank you’s:


Gaynor Wright for initially planting the seed…

Pedigree Pens for travelling the journey with us from the beginning when the thought was only a seed…

My amazing supportive husband in making my dreams come true.

My wonderful mum and the truly creative Mike Marsden for all the help in creating my dream..

Tom Bell and Lynsey Hunter for their creativity and patience in designing the logo, artwork and website.

Lynne & Chris Nicholls at Evergreen Cattery for sharing knowledge, support and letting me help out now and again voluntarily.

Amazing quality uniform from Westbury Supplies http://wisuk.co.uk/

The support and reliability of our network of local builders RMS/ DB Electrical/ AM Builders/ Johnny Cox, Ian Randall/ Dean French.


Thank you all so much for all your support and hard work.

"A rose has thorns, a cat has claws; certainly both are worth a risk" - Proverb