To make a reservation call 07812 144087 during opening hours or complete the online form below and we shall get back to you ASAP to confirm your reservation. Thank you.

Personality Information: Enable us to understand your cat by sharing his/hers likes and dislikes and general temperament. This is really important to us as we can then care for your cat just like you do.


Does your cat enjoy a daily light groom such as brushing? (All our brushes are sterilised daily)  

Does your cat enjoy playing with toys? If so what kind of toys?  

Does your cat enjoy soft music?  

Does your cat like to use a cat flap?  ​  

Does your cat get nervous?


We take pride in ourselves here at The Haven for the care and patience in making all our guests feel relaxed and cared for. We work hard to ensure that nervous cats settle down as quickly as possible.


We can use FELIWAY spray or catnip spray in your suite if requested for when guests arrive. We will do all we can to provide a contented environment for your cat and restore feelings of safety and well being. 

For your cats safety could we respectfully ask you to remove collars before check in.